Friday, June 14, 2013

Superman - Man of Steel

Watched Superman (courtesy my employer).

I liked the first part of the movie. Surprisingly like good old 'character movies'. Neither Hollywood makes such movies now-a-days nor we are used to watch those. So that was a pleasing experience - really cool acting, simple and clean narration and some intelligent script. Very nice 'take' on the birth of Legend of Superman.

Second half - too loud. Congested Shoreline Theater in Mountain View did not make it any easy either; it was too hot. (When are they going to demolish all those old theaters to make a way for some contemporary movie going experience? Is it only when Lords of Mountain View Google decides to build first set of special theaters where you can watch some special movies with Google Glasses?)

The latter part of the movie is all about in how many different ways one can show destruction of a modern metropolis like New York. It is all 'Polymorphism of destructive acts'. It is about in how many different ways Americans can re-live the tragedy of 9/11. You see, for we Americans, 'crashing of a sky scrapper' whips some kind of visceral tragedy is sacred, no national trauma is spared when it comes to Hollywood's financial calculations. Hey, after all you got to give 'multiple times returns' to your investors...

But of all the summer bloc busters so far (Cruise's Oblivion, Downey Jr.'s Marvel Comic sequel Iron Man 3 or lame Star Trek into Darkness); it is the Superman which stands out. All your money's worth, all your time's worth.

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