Sunday, July 21, 2013

Perversion of Governance

Speaker Boehner is out with a new proposal - "evaluate Republican House by not how many laws it passes, but by how many laws it would repeal"! This is some breathtaking view of Governance. Whichever way one looks at it, this is nothing but 'triumph of nihilism' Republican, and Tea Party in particular, have been advocating for a while.

Honorable Speaker Boehner wants us to forget that his party 'actually got less votes' than opposition even though it won more seats because of gerrymandering. We Americans are not stupid enough to forget that gerrymandering is a bi-partisan art which both parties have been undertaking for a while now. So no, we do not blame Republicans for doing gerrymandering, those of us who vote Democrats we simply blame without consequences to our Democratic operatives.

But from there to go where honorable speaker is going - that the business of House is nothing but keep repealing ObamaCare despite states like California and New York finding that ObamaCare indeed can be doable and CBO saying ObamaCare would not add to deficit - that is too much of a jump. It is the exact kind of jump Morsi attempted in Egypt. He was elected, but he forgot that there were many more Egyptians who did not vote for him than those who voted for him. You forget that and you know the consequences - it is shame that a polity as old as America wants to commit same mistakes as like a young democracy like Egypt. That is where honorable Speaker is taking us.

Our founding fathers would think - if ObamaCare is not perfect, you come up with proposals to fix it. Not that a 'hatred of your political opponent' to drive all of your legislative actions. 

It is too sad that America has to endure a speaker who essentially does not believe in legislation.

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