Friday, July 19, 2013

President Obama on Race

Reading some comments on Right to President's informal speech, one understands why 'race' is still an issue in this country. These Obama haters on Right are simply unable to come through to understand proprietary of President's remarks.

As an elected President, there is every reason for President to bother about 'national concerns' which give rise to violent protests. Coming to the podium and simply thundering that 'violent protests' are not tolerated at all costs and then to stop the elocution at that point - that wouldn't have helped the course here. Zimmerman trial verdict made an appropriate occasion for the President to put forward historically still healing grievances of a substantial population of this country. He made necessary moral purchases to speak about his own personal evolution to espouse his thoughts by sternly rejecting any 'violent means' in expressing the anguish suffered by African-American community. He owed both to the African-American Community and to the entire nation to talk about this issue and put forward some reasonable thoughts to move forward. To construe even these basic endeavors nothing but an exercise in politics as perceived by Obama haters - well, I don't understand such a mean spirit so many of these Conservatives are displaying here. Mere existence of such 'hatred' in a way vindicates President Obama's decision to talk at all about this incidence; regardless of how less perfect such an human effort will be.

I wish we had larger number of Conservatives like Eric Erickson when he reacted:

 "I don't really have a problem with the President's speech today."

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