Thursday, August 01, 2013

Tipping Point?

Ezra Klein may be pre-mature in declaring that Republicans are feeling the heat of 'non-governance' because one can still understand Minority Leader Sen. McConnell providing cover to shenanigans of 'House Crazies' (the term, courtesy Jonathan Chait) for the end game.  What is not clear is whether Sen. McConell's fights are simply twilight or messers Ezra Klein and Chait are reading 'tea leaves' where none exist. 

What is clear though is Obama Presidency has reached a tipping point - as whether opposition for the sake of opposition going to be the case in  remaining years of the second term or we are talking some kind of progress. By Fall 2013, possibly the course of remaining Obama Presidency will be cast in stone.

Pundits like Ezra Klein may have a reason to think optimistically since 'dyed-in-the-wool' Conservatives are calling the bluff of 'crazies in House'. That is not a mean feat. 

But, still one may not reconcile that we have reached the end of the road until GOP indeed 'cries uncle'. That would happen when schools start in a month or so, yellow pencil school buses start playing on fog filled Norman Rockwell American roads and that aroma of Fall Coffee goes into nostrils of most Americans to realize how disastrous this Republican caucus in Congress has been; including Red States. 

What it needs is steadfastness from President Obama and Democrats; not some kind of hand-wringing in declaring that super PAC money is the only reason to corrupt American Politics (which is of course not true, ask Karl Rove).

Because there ought to be a point where majority Americans would realize that 'the gridlock for the sake of control on rulers' would work only if both parties know when not to jump over the cliff. Let one party jumps over the cliff, which is what Republicans are preparing for; our democracy would need a jolt from voters.

Democrats can achieve such a jolt in 2014 if they stick together united and this President 'rises above the fray' - not just in sparing Congressional aides and Congress members, but overall in declaring that he would want to work with Republicans to solve problems of this country. A leader's tipping point comes exactly when he extends the olive branch while his opponents are in 'no come back' state. Apparently Republicans are approaching that dead end fast enough. That should silence some bitter critics of Obama Presidency

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