Saturday, September 07, 2013

Answer Questions of Rep. Alan Grayson

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer exhorts Congress members to back President Obama in Syria intervention authorization only if Obama Administration is serious. One way Obama Administration can demonstrate its seriousness is by answering valid questions raised by Democratic House Member Alan Grayson. He asserts that Obama Administration is not as open as needed in this case and is not sharing crucial information required by Congress Members to make their decision. This is no way going about making your case to the Congress and Country. Hoary rhetoric, flag draped Oval Offices speeches, thundering performances by Sec. of State in Congressional hearings and bombarding performances on Sunday Talk shows; that is all fine as parts of "flood the zone". But unless and until the Administration comes 'clean'; Sec. Kerry finds a proper process to share core intelligence findings and its underlying raw data with Members of Congress; Obama Administration is going to fall flat on its face in this case. Losing vote in this matter is fine; but it should not be for reasons of incompetence in sharing appropriate information with Congress. That will be pathetic.

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