Friday, September 27, 2013

Bravo Rahul!

"If you want to fight corruption in the country, whether it is Congress or BJP, we cannot continue making these small compromises. Because if we make these small compromises, then we compromise everywhere."

Congress Secretary Rahul Gandi delivered today for years what we have been looking for - Leadership. His Dad might not have been a successful politician altogether, but he died as an honorable man and (ex) Prime Minister of a great country. His Mom, she has demonstrated that one single act of Political Courage goes long, long way in the well being of a country.

Today, Rahul stepped forward when he rejected Dr. Singh's backdoor ways of letting 'convicted criminals' to serve in legislatures. Make no mistake, Dr. Singth has still done more good to his country than any harm; it is just that the old man is showing the weight of carrying burden of Billion Plus country.

This is probably one of the fantastic news for India - that its young politicians do have sense of "what is wrong and right" even though the 'old guard' at times seems to have lost the way.

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