Friday, September 20, 2013

Cruz Ride

Clearly, Sen. Ted Cruz is taking the entire Republican Party on a wild ride here. First, it started with taunting Conservatives. But at some point, established Conservatives like Rep. Paul Ryan are not going to accept such an empty rhetoric from Senator like Cruz. If at all any political force is going to finish Harvard and Princeton educated stupidity of one Senator Cruz, it will be the comeuppance over 'died in wool conservatives like Ryan' and others. They know, this whole business of ruining the entire party for the grand standing of one gadfly like Sen. Cruz is the true threat to their political careers and GOP's political future. All that Dems have to do in 2014 is to argue to Indies that GOP is the Party which deceives its own base (they promised to de-fund ObamaCare fully knowing that they would not be able to deliver on that...). It is not President Obama who is the nemesis of Conservatism. It is this foolish, selfish, upstart Sen. Ted Cruz. Because Sen. Cruz is challenging their Conservative Credentials in the first place, followed by taking them over a precipice when he himself is simply unable to deliver what he is asking of his fellow Conservatives. All for the purposes of hogging political capital for himself and stoking his own ambitions

May be here is one game plan Spokesman Boehner would be trying to deploy: exhort GOP House members for their 'conservative pride'; throw the CR bill with ObamaCare defunding over the wall to Senate and  then call the bluff of Sen. Ted Cruz. Once that 'paper tiger' named Sen. Cruz is slain; Spokesman Boehner can go after 'crazies' in his own House by taking them to the 'deep well of default' while rescuing CR with ObamaCare on the back of Nancy Pelosi. In all probability, his friends in the Business Community will do the needful by controlling 'crazies in House' and by then Spokesman Boehner would have demonstrated his extra-ordinary leadership skills in making America to avoid both the government shutdown and default.

Well, that is at least one theory. But in Politics nothing is certain and we will see if that is the script Spokesman Boehner indeed wanted to follow.

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