Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kerry's First Delivery

By and large we have forgotten what our Secretary of States are for. We think generally they are there either to 'sell Mushroom Cloud Fear mongering on Sunday Talk Shows' or splash 'reset buttons' with Superpowers which in reality do not reset anything.

No please, I am not sexist here to criticize two former lady Secretary of States. (OK, here is you Kerry installment; now you feel better?) But both these ladies were 'light' in deliveries is their record. Condi Rice had some success in Lebanon for Democratic transition, but nothing else. With Hillary, apart from pushing few women issues with Saudi Arabia and other countries, there is nothing else to show. But the thing with John Kerry is, as and when he avoids talking too much and his infamous gaffes, the guy gets what Secretary of States are for - to dig and pull the 'sh*t' out of foreign relations to normalize relations among states and to get done something concretely. That is what this framework agreement implies. It was good that President Obama did not hold on too much in insisting explicit mention of 'use of force'.

As usual, there is a long, long road to achieve anything concrete here (or for Messers Putin, Lavrov and Kerry to claim their Nobel Peace trophies; which for sure these gentlemen do not want prematurely as a certain occupant of White House got). Next stop is UNSC resolution embodying disarmament plan followed by international inspectors on the ground to undertake the gory work. Even if things roll without impediments - which is hard to believe considering fractious relations among different players and unusual situation of continued Civil War in Syria - it will be at best later half of the next year when Chemical Weapons would be diminished from Syria. 

Meanwhile Sec. Kerry has many more unfinished papers in his briefcase - Israel-Palestine conflict, continued pursuit of nukes by Iranian Ayatollahs, peaceful transition to democracy in countries like Egypt and Afghanistan. Equally important are trade talks with EU for trans-Atlantic Trade Pact (hopefully those get kick started once Angela Merkel starts her 3rd term in Chancellery later this month) as well as negotiations with Asian countries for trans-Pacific Trade Pact. We will see, how many of these things Sec. Kerry can deliver.  


Anonymous said...

Umya are lagoti yar na visarun jagache politics kay kartyos ?

Umesh Patil said...

"jagache mhanje kay?" Where your off springs are born, your better make your best efforts to bother about what is happening and help secure their future.

I thought Indians have been having an easy excuse of blaming "jagache politics" for their own difficulties; isn't it?

First step for "lagoti yar" is to step forward to reveal your name rather than hiding behind the veil of anonymity. Probably, then there are any possibilities for others not to forget you.