Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Larry Ellison - Always a Winner

I thought there might be something which stops Ellison's ambitions, but he seems to get his ways always. He always gets the prize on which he sets his eyes.

Conspiracy theory - Oracle Team had deployed best software on the yacht and other tricks so they were confident that they would prevail. Then Larry called and told team to lose few so that the competition can be lengthened maximum possible....So this is all part of the plan. Not bad Marketing as well when annual Oracle Open World Conference is going on in Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Anyways, Larry Ellison deserves kudos and his team high five and generous rewards.

Update - The more I think, it seems like an Oracle Corporate Marketing ploy...Mark Hurd, Oracle Co-President is on record to indicate that Oracle is late to the 'party of business applications on cloud' aka business models of SalesForce, WorkDay and others. But seems like Oracle wants to send an emphatic message that despite being behind, they will catch up with rest of the field and ultimately be the winner. Good tactic or bad marketing...I do not know. Because in business, all these tactics are kosher essentially, at least in American Capitalism.

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