Tuesday, September 10, 2013

President Obama's Syria Case

Some quick (clearly not completely thought through) impressions about President's speech:

- The President made a reasonable case where he kept the focus on Chemical Weapons, enforcement of international treaties and the role of military intervention in such enforcement while rest of the world may not be ready to lead.
- In a sense, this speech completes an important chapter of American foreign policy about the current Syrian problem. At times messy, but not completely lost.
- Hopefully, there is some lull in the breath taking coverage of this topic as Sec. Kerry and his Russian counterpart pursue something meaningful agreement.
- President Obama would not be able to simply wash his hands of this matter anytime soon. Even if diplomacy makes good progress, complexity of honoring any agreement will continue to 'hog substantial' White House bandwidth and consequently of American Political System. 

Meanwhile Washington can return to its normal programming - partisan bickering and continued political battles of GOP with Obama White House!

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