Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shutdown Certain

First, it was 'de-funding' of ObamaCare. Now, it is about 'delay'. So Federal Shutdown seems certain now.

The real political  fight is not between President and Tea Party, though President has to remain steadfast in not yielding to all this non-sense. It is between Ted Cruz wing of GOP and GOP Establishment represented by John Boehner. Ted Cruz also gives 'damn about ObamaCare or America'. All he is interested is getting Boehner removed from the Speaker's position, have someone more pliable installed in that position (or himself?), keep easing out Sen. GOP Leadership to a favorable group of Senators and essentially lay the groundwork for Ted Cruz Presidency.

That same Ted Cruz will be sold on dime to retain ObamaCare or other compromises if he get's his people installed in position of power. His is the classic case of a 'greedy politician' at any cost. He thinks others in America are stupid not to understand what games he is up to.

Given all this utter personal vendetta at stake and ugly intramural politics at play; it is much better for President to stay outside of the line and watch the unfolding show. He explained his thinking and his response, that is all good and right. Now, President stay there and let this 'fight to death' of these alpha-males sort out.

Speaker Boehner could opt for shutdown to manifest his GOP Colleagues that, "look guys I took so much hit for you; but I cannot destruct this beautiful country"; meaning he will have Debt Ceiling on the back of Democrats. Having Gov. Shutdown for few days and letting that 'dog' to be chained by negotiations between  Ted Cruz and Harry Reid / Barack Obama while removing the danger of Debt Default is a way out for this Speaker. But then these Republicans have not taken so many sensible choices, so one cannot be sure that they would avoid Default as well.

As all these tremors happen, it is difficult to imagine Speaker would be able to protect his job - either he remains in the job and the country's economy gets destroyed or he saves country's economy by sacrificing his job.

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