Saturday, October 05, 2013

Appraisal -

I share Paul Smith's assessment in an extremely lucid and solid piece of appraisal of Web site and back end implementation for the same. The key points are - though eventually all kinks will be worked out, if there are architectural shortcomings; we may be living with those for a long time to come. Also, October 1st was a known date in advance and possible high traffic. So not being able to 'handle that' reflects poorly on those Software Engineers who executed this website.

I say this confidently because 'designing and implementing a-synchronous software systems' is what I do for living and we have been fairly capable at that.

So it is alright for President Obama to urge some patience in these regards; but 'administrative execution' has never been a strong point of his Administration. His political troubles will be lot less if he and his Administration pull up their socks in these regards and execute 'flawlessly' where the beast is known.

Update - One area of transparency Obama Administration can undertake is to publish architecture of and essentially 'crowd source' it; barring security details. (Google shares specifications of their system without compromising security.) I would go a step further and say that we must achieve security even when core architectural pieces are known - that is the 'transparency' Obama Administration should strive for. Because what needs to be secure is 'data and personal information' of folks and not how encrypted information moves from one module to other.

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