Sunday, October 06, 2013

Destruction of USA in Sight

Reading Maureen Dowd's column in NYT, I understood how destruction of USA would look like; but felt it was all hyperbola. But when I read Speaker John Boehner saying this:

"We're not going to pass a clean debt limit increase"

it is clear that Default will happen. With Ted Cruz saying "they are winning" and Boehner saying he joined Tea Party to fight united; GOP game plan is clear now. On Gov Shutdown, they will keep passing 'piecemeal' bills funding most of the government except ObamaCare. For Debt Ceiling, again they will start going after 'prioritization technique' i.e. ordering of which items to be paid first as revenue comes in. Again they will 'de-fund' ObamaCare and then start telling to the public that they have done their work for both Debt Ceiling and Budget. That is the route Tea Party wanted to take when it claimed they wanted to 'change the Washington' - slice and dice expenses and re-order how tax collected money is paid. It will be a remarkable revolution to pull off with so little actual political representation in Washington. In the process they would have achieved their other twin goals too - destroy ObamaCare and make Obama Presidency illegitimate. It will be a political loss of colossal proportion for Democrats - despite having White House, Senate majority and more combined actual votes than Republicans for Democratic candidates in House; they would have allowed essentially complete subversion of American Political System. That is not what America was designed for (even through there are some erudite arguments otherwise; those are wrong).

The argument President Obama would have is Republicans are trying to 'negotiate and manage fiscal issues' outside of the established 'budget process' and by thuggery - by not allowing Clean CR bills in House when there are clear votes and filibustering bills in Senate while Democratic majority rendered useless.

Destruction of America, destruction of Republicans as a Political Party - those are all irrelevant to House GOP members. November 2014 election is far away for these folks when clear victory seems possible to them 'now'. Stock Market Crash, world Economy tremors; all those are irrelevant to these folks.

President and Democrats would really have to decide whether they are going to succumb to this outright defeat of representational democracy and be the principle failed political force to allow 'thuggery to rule this land'. They are united today, but that unity can wilt down under the impeding pressure. What they need to tell to American People clearly is that - 

they have already put forward 'budget' which has ways to manage our finances and they are perfectly open for any normal negotiations under that process. With 'Gun to the Head'; that is not the process they want to get involved into because the destruction what GOP is threatening is of 'common wealth and common property' called United States of America. Republicans are equally accountable to that Property and American People as much as Democrats. No one is more patriotic than the other nor no one has any less responsibility

Seems like President and Democrats need to communicate this very clearly and incessantly; otherwise cacophony of marauders will overwhelm and the path of destruction will open.

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