Thursday, October 17, 2013

In Times of Obama Presidency

No, it is not necessary you agree with the powerful 'writing' of a world class thinker Andrew Sullivan. The claim to read "Tea Party Activism as another 'avatar' of religious rebellion" - that can be taken neither lightly nor discoursed in one single blog post. But still, there is no other way than to get impressed by the power of thinking and writing of one Andrew here when he says:

"My rule of thumb is pretty simple: whenever you hear a quote about Obamacare, it’s more illuminating to remove the “care” part....

They want their presidents white and their budget balanced now. That balancing it now would tip the whole world into a second depression sounds like elite cant to them.....

This is a religion – but a particularly modern, extreme and unthinking fundamentalist religion. And such a form of religion is the antithesis of the mainline Protestantism that once dominated the Republican party as well, to a lesser extent, the Democratic party.
It also brooks no distinction between religion and politics, seeing them as fused in the same cultural and religious battle."

Andrew Sullivan is partial to President Barack Obama is no secret. Sorry, it may sound 'party popping' statement on the day when President is riding high, all for right causes; but we cannot forget - no matter obduracy of your political opponent and their intransigence; job of a White House occupant is always pull 'together we all Americans'. That is what Abe did even after killing of thousands of American brothers and sisters during Civil War and that is how the founder George Washington showed the road for this great country. 

In not realizing earlier inability of Speaker John Boehner to carry his wright with his caucus, or how GOP has gerrymandered their Congressional districts to produce a crop of total 'hacks', or not to realize earlier the value of carrying his Democratic caucus so united in the service of larger purpose, or not undertaking much of more schmoozing with individual Congress Member; Barack Obama indeed came short there.

But may be, just may be; when he proves that he indeed 'does not need any transplant of any vital male organs', when he keeps on repeating rightly that no one has 'won' when Americans have indeed paid the avoidable price, when he judiciously makes the call to be firm and unyielding but at the same time open for negotiations in what is good for Americans; we might be seeing a new and wiser President. 

For every contemporary Democratic President, it is a 'rite of passage' that they withstand the severe attempt of 'de-legitimization' by shutting down the government. That is when Bill Clinton soared in his presidency to seed his second term victory. Barack Obama, being the first Black President, faced even harsher challenge of 'default'. But now that he has averted it in the second attempt (in the first attempt he had to cave), it should put in some serious foundation for remaining years in the office; regardless of whether those years are of far consequential or little consequential

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