Monday, October 21, 2013

It can be done

I know, Obama Administration has never been well-known about 'execution'. We all know Obama Campaign has been all about 'big data' and 'execution'; but never Obama Administration; that is the difference. So all this commotion about '' is very much anticipated and no surprise.

If only this President was 'really' focused on the execution like 'laser like precision'.

But then I had expected Nancy Pelosi's resignation from the leadership position when Dem's lost 60+ seats in 2010 election. So Obama male Supporter's like me will have to reconcile to the fact that HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius will continue even if she failed singularly to deliver the most important administrative piece of Obama Administration. Unfortunately, that is what 'gender equality' means in Obama Times. I like Sec. Sebelius and I respect her for all her service to Obama Administration. But that has nothing to do with 'political accountability'. (Come on folks, President Bush had to kick out Donald Rumsfeld after Nancy becoming Speaker in 2006; even he - who Progressives vile most - had the proper sense of political accountability; then why is Obama MIA here? I know kicking out Sebelius in the midst of fire fighting would not achieve anything; but President must hold folks responsible. Else all his 'anger' is useless and no point in blaming 'bloggers' for the same.) I am in all for 'female governance' and love to see ladies bringing some 'sanity' to the town of Washington. But alas, there is no magic wand...just because there are ladies in charge does not mean fundamental results would follow automatically. Just ask Yahoo Board of Directors....

However, President Obama does not need to be so desperate. He needs to be lot more forthright. Because the good news is, all these are 'fixable problems'. Believe me, believe legions of programmers and software professionals. Given time, discipline and complete focus on details - anyone can master a software. I have some experience in that....What is needed is President Obama to bring in right folks, empower them and in the end this all be fixed. Just that it is a race against time in Politics.

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