Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not So Easy

Last week it was given that Senate would broker the deal. Today was supposed to be the culmination point, but Speaker Boehner thought to play again his 'hand' and it came a cropper.

Unless Speaker comes to terms that he is as good as 'zero power leader / speaker' with these shenanigans, unless he is ready to relinquish his position to anyone who wants to don this mantle of thrones - and he says so publicly; there is no governance possible. Path to Leadership goes through relinquishing the formal power. Unless people see your fearlessness, unless they have evaluated that you are not doing all this 'power for the sake of power'; he would not be in the position to 'govern USA'.

Speaker Boehner must answer the question what job of Speaker-ship is important to him - to carry the will of majority of majority or to serve this country by siding with silent 'true majority of America' who do not want this nihilism and governance by crisis after crisis. Until he resolves this tension - neither he will be able to serve this country nor even fulfill expectations of suicidal 'majority of majority' GOP of today.

Unless Speaker Boehner states flatly that he will pass 'right legislation' (in this case Harry Reid - McConnell deal as brokered in Senate) as many times as needed on the back of Democrats whenever he thinks that is what this 'nation needs', America is unlikely to come out of this governance by crisis.

What worse is going to happen? Eric Cantor replacing John Boehner? How all that is going to solve America's immediate legislative challenges? None. What needs to happen - and Boehner and his friends can help here - is to display 'futility of changing the GOP leader'. Only after that any eventual GOP House Leader is going to have a spine to face the 'craziness going on'. 

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