Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Sane Vatican?

With this new Pope Francis, there is something serious going on...

“very little was done in that direction [second Vatican]. I have the humility and the ambition to want to do something,” 

Now this is something. Following destruction of Europe in WWII, Roman Catholic Church held the second Vatican in order to come to terms with contemporary world. That reform attempt was killed in between by last two conservative popes of Catholicism - Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II. This pope is showing every sign of reforming the Church, taking it to its root of 'serving poor' and bringing it to contemporary world.

Looking at today's GOP, one would feel all Conservative forces in Western World are retrograde. Not so fast...those who wish to help weaker parts of a society; they would do so even in most conservative setups too like this pope and unlike GOP which is all there to make life of poor harder.

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