Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Squeezing Through

Pretend you are 'negotiating' while actually you are conceding to the President, keep your 'hard public posture' while quietly coming to the table to start negotiations; that all seems to be a way out of this quagmire American political system finds itself.

Considering the 11th hour of our Default, this is one choice to avoid our total destruction. After all as Jennifer Rubin said for a while - domestic politics is not WAR where you completely annihilate the Opposition. It is the same Opposition you have to deal next day. President Obama should be calculating, if only he buys some peace on Domestic front and let resilient American Economy grow by saving it from suicidal politics of Tea Party; he will have the whole globe to make the difference in his second term - trade deals with Pacific Nations and Europe, Iran problem and Arab-Israeli Conflict while prosperity coming to America in old fashioned way (politicians not meddling in between). You name a pressing global problem and President Obama with his lieutenant Kerry have an ample opportunity to pursue diplomacy while continuing the hard edged war on Terrorism.

So as most observers have claimed, we are in for :
- 4 to 6 weeks deal to raise Debt Ceiling,
- that time will be utilized to negotiate a budget mini-deal, as Rep. Ryan calls it, 
- to pass a budget and fund the government to finally open.

Survival is the current extinct. Who benefits, what happens to personalities and what future holds to which political party; there will be time and place to have that 'time pass' conversation. Going away from the compulsive obsessive syndrome of hating ObamaCare at any cost, that may be the immediate side effect of all this. May be not that bad after all, notwithstanding still some 'grand standing' by few Republicans. 

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