Saturday, November 23, 2013

OBL Moment

When President Obama oversaw the raid in Pakistan to kill Osma Bin Laden, the world froze for a moment.

Obama Presidency has delivered one more such moment in the initial agreement with Iran. That is John Kerry's substantial down payment for his diplomacy run. Well done Kerry - keep quiet, don't talk too much and simply keep on delivering; may be, just may be his ambitious vision might pay at least some tangible dividends to Americans and World at large.

There are knowledgeable critics who are still skeptical for valid reasons. Even after this first agreement, there is a long way before Iran ceases to be a pariah country. There will be reverses and who knows things can still go wrong. But for all these dangers, what this agreement signifies is larger Iranian population and elites have concluded that pursuit of nukes with these sanctions is not worth. That understanding and Ayatollah's willingness to act upon that concretely; all that is needle moving.

More Saudi's and Israeli's make noise about this deal; in a way that bolsters Obama Administration's case for its genuineness in dealing with Iran. In the end, I believe President Obama will be able to calm Israeli nerves as well as Saudi concerns. President Obama has to do that, good thing is it is all doable (unless of course Obama Administration blows it like its debacle). But today is the day to congratulate President Obama and Sec. John Kerry and wish them best in continuing the path they are laying down here. Well done. 

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