Sunday, November 17, 2013

What is Obama Presidency then?

Is it going to be like all contemporary second term presidencies? Unable to move the needle and essentially becoming 'care taking presidency'; only reliant on foreign policy issues to deliver some substance?

That seems to be the case so far. Let us cut the chase - what matters is Obama Administration gets in shape. So far President is 'clueless' and unable to get his act together - no matter how many mea culpas he undertakes or how eloquent his apologies are. American People, rightly so, would only accept results here and President Obama is no where near there.

What is worse, I do not know whether he understands when he utters like:

"one of the things that I do recognize is since I know that the federal government has not been good at this stuff in the past"

President Obama is basically undermining the entire Democratic political agenda and philosophy - that Government can be a good change agent. Knowing problems of Federal Government and still not doing anything to address is worse. Here is a chance for President Obama to leave behind his legacy - crack the whip on Federal Procurement Process and Regulations so that tax payers money is never wasted on folks who 'game' the procurement process rather than 'deliver results'. 

Knowledgeable reporters like Ezra Klein thinks that President Obama knows the 'reality'. But I doubt. Because if he were to be serious here, he would have adopted scorched earth policy: appoint most capable managers in Software Engineering Industry and get that damn thing done. The thing here is all these Web Site and backend Software problems are solvable. Question is whether President shows the willingness to go into all gory details and shows the executive competence.

Absence of that - we are to Bobby Jindal commentary: "...never ran a lemonade stand".

Democrats in Congress, in rather than prodding Obama Administration to acquire the administrative competence; are simply fleeing here. But they do not know what long term damage they are doing to the Democratic project of centrality of State apparatus.

Because, if Democrats run away from ensuring viability of ACA; these very Democrats undermine their future elections; no matter whether it is Hillary or someone else on the ballot. Point is it is high time, Democratic Congress members understand importance of getting ACA right. You fail in that, Democrats would forfeit all their claims of State intervention for good. Essentially Democrat's case of 'government by the people, of the people, for the people" will simply evaporate.

There is still time for Obama Administration to get this ObamaCare thingy right and Democrats in the Congress need to actively work - as needed behind the screen if doing publicly is hard to sustain politically - to ensure this execution. After all Democratic Party having made ACA work, will be in lot better position to contest 2014. 

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