Friday, December 27, 2013

Berkeley versus Harvard

"Personally I don't agree with what Maharashtra government has done. I think the government should reconsider its decision. No one should be spared of corruption if we want to change the system."

"This was a decision taken by the full Cabinet of Maharashtra. I will meet by Cabinet colleagues and discuss it. Rahulji has given a suggestion and I respect that,"

-- Honorable Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan

No one disagrees that Rahul Gandhi could have been more polished in correcting a political giant, a clean chief minister of an important state like Maharashtra (just imagine, CM Chavan rules over more people than what Angela Merkel rules in Europe). Rahul was anything but politically smart in these comments.

But, if Rahul Gandhi indeed wants to make true his words that Congress wants to clean the corruption, he has no choice but to express the course correction explicitly as he asked from Maharashtra CM Chavan. Good thing is Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan has the political capital and track record to come clean on all these matters without costing his own credibility. He has nothing to loose, he is one of the 'good guys' Maharashtrians look upon. 

Unless Prithviraj Chavan's of Congress come completely hard on 'corruption' and demand totally transparent governance, Congress party does not stand any chance to withstand the revolution Arvind Kejriwal is starting today in New Delhi

These are good days for Indians if one considers attempts to cleanse Indian Politics.

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