Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Can Democrats Save Themselves?

Possibly yes. I am very glad that my beloved Senator from MA, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, had senses to quench the speculation about her Dem nomination in 2016. (That does not mean I support Hillary's nomination blindly. What with folks like Senator Mark Warner, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor Jerry Brown? 'Executioners' branding should not be restricted only to GOP front runners like Christie.)

It is all right to run for Senate on the campaign of 'hard left'. There too I would love to see Senator Warren work hard to sort our real issues - like how to empower shareholders and force SEC to recognize full rights of shareholders. Issuing some fancy 'red meat' press releases hardly helps Americans. 

You cannot be the President of this country either as a 'Hard Left' or a 'Tea Party' hack. That is not what we Americans are and it will not be representative of this country. We Americans have enough of adjustment to make in reconciling to the first black president named one Barack Hussein Obama and that should be enough of hard work to us for now. President Obama has been less of an ideologue compared to recently minted New York Mayor and that is good. If Democrats take the path of Hard Left represented by NY Mayor De Blasio and Sen. Warren, Dems will be wiped out electorally.

Democrats cannot forget that just because there is an internecine war going on between GOP Establishment and Tea party, it does not mean Americans want to forget what Ronald Reagan taught us: 'be careful of Government and do not look at Government as our salvation'. It is enough that Obama Administration screwed; there is no more appetite with Americans for any more Government Intervention in any manner. Democrats can forget this cardinal lesson only at their peril. 

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