Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The war Speaker must win

“they’re using our members and they’re using the American people for their own goals...This is ridiculous!” 

Speaker John Boehner, Washington Post 

Exactly! As Media outlets are salivating for this internecine GOP war in public; this is the exact war this Speaker needs to win. There is no better thing for America than what Rep. Paul Ryan did here - bringing GOP from insanity into the camp of America's problem solvers. 

Looking back it is clear that Sen. Ted Cruz led craziness of government shutdown was the high water mark of Tea Party shenanigans. Hey, many Liberals may be 'wedded' to the success of ObamaCare or rather solving America's problem of uneven health care coverage and high costs; but we are not wedded to one Barack Obama. He will have to work hard for his legacy (just like how Nelson Mandela earned his own legacy). Point is American Politics is finally getting ready to go past Obama Years and there is a large swath of voters who would be amenable to Conservatism which is not nutty - the one which is not anti-women and anti-poor. Speaker and GOP folks like Rep. Ryan are doing exactly right things here - keep working with opposition party to solve America's problems and keep exposing extremists who run amok in the name of Conservatism.

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