Thursday, December 26, 2013


Notwithstanding a compassionate and contrary take by one reader to James Fallow's post about Japanese PM Abe's visit to the war shrine (the last reference in the blog post); it is clear that duty of a leader is to 'heal'. Didn't Nelson Mandela's funeral few weeks back teach anything to these Japanese Leaders?

Point is not about Abe scoring an emotional chord with many Japanese. I agree neither my forefathers died in defending against Japanese aggression nor perpetuating some of the most insulting and immoral aggression as conducted by Imperial Army of Japan during WWII; so I won't know what emotions are tied up with a shrine like Yasukuni. But still as a global citizen, I can understand the futility of a Japanese PM stocking emotions of China, Korea and others all along. What was the need to get into this nasty business? What is important - to honor who died in some controversial circumstances about which many other nations have grave reservations or to improve lives of folks 'here and now' all across the region? Or is it because PM Abe's popularity is dipping below 50%, he is resorting to some nasty business? Why now when Abe economics is still showing some promise in reality despite discomfort created to many in Japan? Why is 'patience and fortitude' in such a short supply with these Japanese Leaders? By being 'impatient and short sighted', these Japanese Leaders are creating problems for everyone - themselves, east Asians, their protector America and in essence to the whole world; despite some easing by Japanese to America.

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