Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Egypt and its Neighborhood

Seems like last few years of failed democracy experiments have exhausted Egyptian people and all they want is stability of Mubarak Era military rule. No wonder Egyptian people ignored gaping holes in the proposed constitution. With all this turmoil, what it indicates is the business of 'democracy and sustained people's representation in government' is a hard path. Egypt seems to be tired of these attempts and want to move on.

May be if General Sisi (widely expected to be the next president of Egypt on the back of this flawed constitution) brings some badly needed stability, inflation control and some economic growth; Egyptians can heal pains of last few years. After that Egypt can gradually come back to system of people's governance rather than revolutions. Meanwhile Muslim Brotherhood - they will go back to their familiar role of 'under ground survival'. They survived Mubarak era for decades; so sustaining Sisi years will be no different and they will survive for another day.

With increasing violence in Iraq, Syria mirred in Civil War; surprisingly it is Iran which seems to be on a better trajectory within Middle East and Gulf region. Turkey has been one rising star, but an arrogant PM has inflicted lot of damage to it. All in all not much encouraging news from that part of the world  (same with Kerry peace initiative between Israel and Palestine, it is hitting major road blocks).

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