Monday, January 06, 2014

Go Figure Capitalism

Samsung essentially gives 'shaft' to its shareholders by paying hefty bonuses to its boss and all employees.

Boeing Labor falls in line and accepts wisely what is good for them in the longer term.

Big Global Valley Companies do not mind paying a municipality for using its 'public transport bus stops' for public good.

Can anyone make where this Global Capitalism going? How about addition of 'inequality campaign' to it? I simply do not know how far Democrats and Progressives will be able to run here with the ball unless:
- they have 'a handle' on what economic forces are exactly at play,
- Left is able to explain those forces in an articulate manner to common people, and 
- Left has clear idea about what are the remedies and again is able to explain public at large in non-obnoxious ways (not like shoving a white elephant under the throats of Californians by otherwise a successful Democratic Governor who is well advised to ask Californians for additional burden to pay for canals to address 'drought' in the state rather than high speed railway ....otherwise that is simply going to turn a deep Blue State into a Purple State).

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