Sunday, January 19, 2014

Is AAP joining the Gang?

"[Delhi CM Kejriwal] sees absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that his minister marched into someone's residence and threatened the inhabitants with no warrant ..."

It may very well be the case when there is a political will, any State Police in India can enter into any private property and arrest a person without warrant. But precisely that 'goonda-raj' is what AAP wanted to fight against. Then why is AAP doing same things? AAP's argument about having People's Back is no more true than Congress or BJP claiming they are acting with People's Mandate. AAP does not have any special 'mandate given' by Indian People than what mandate Indian voters have given to 31 BJP and 8 Congress MLA's in Delhi Assembly. 

Mamata Banerjee played such emotive politics - claiming that her 'votes' are more valuable than others. That did not go any far looking at her governance all these years. Any such 'arrogance' and 'superiority complex' will undo AAP very quickly.

Next, what is with this active disobedience of Delhi Police orders? If the ruling party itself is going to throw out 'rule of law' and actively get involved in 'law and order' break down; how far are we from a rule of goons then? Does AAP realize that, that is where it is going with this 'gutter politics'? Keeping the pot of Public expectations boiling all the time may seem like a good political strategy in short term; but Public quickly sees through it when results start stop flowing.

One can understand that Congress Party at the Center obviously wants to control Delhi Police to the chagrin of AAP so those police can torment AAP. But that is all given in the politics. What that does not mean however is Delhi CM and his MLA's should actively go about braking laws. Granted, we all know noncooperation and protests are ways of standard Politics in the land of MK Gandhi. But once you are in government, you are supposed to find solutions and not just get engaged in 'protest' for every single political objective. Whatever protest AAP in Delhi wants to undertake against Central Government, it should campaign on those political goals to garner votes in coming general election. Let us be clear, AAP did not contest last Delhi election saying it would want Delhi Police under the control of Delhi State Government; at least it did not campaign so actively and prominently for this issue like it did for water supply and electricity rates. So going forward AAP should garner votes of Indian People in coming General Election saying that by winning maximum Loksabha seats it wants to influence the future Central Government to pass laws so that Delhi Police comes under the legal control of Delhi Government (which also means Delhi tax payers pay for services it consumes of this Police force). 

Clearly, at this point there is lot of naivety in AAP Governance. But it is also the case of 'not thinking' through. Comparatively it matters less about how well AAP does in coming Loksabha elections; but for the long term political future of AAP it is critical that it provides good, effective and sustainable governance in Delhi. After all that is where AAP revolution started first. So far it seems Kejriwal and AAP are completely overwhelmed and are not showing 'clarity of thought and strategy' without which it is hard to imagine how their revolution would sustain. 

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