Sunday, January 26, 2014

Perkins is out of his mind

Renowned VC Tom Perkins is out of his mind when he compares political environment in USA to Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany systematically and totally captured wealth and lives of Jews in Germany as well as in rest of Europe. No one is talking any such treatment to 'rich' in USA. Many fortunate continue to mint money nor Federal and State Governments are confiscating anyone's monies in this country. Taxes on rich generally should increase, but we all know any such political reform is impossible in the current Congress. And who's life has been threatened in this country? Gun lovers continue to hold their guns, NRA continues to block any sensible reforms in gun control regardless of kids getting slaughtered and hence the only ones who are killed in this country are those by indiscriminate shooting incidences. But clearly nothing is perturbing mighty rich and powerful. Can Tom Perkins name any 'banker' who has been jailed for bringing the crash of 2008? So then what non-sense Perkins is talking about? Tom Perkins created 'wealth' successfully again and again and in the process helped many Americans to realize their dreams. That is all admirable and good. But that does not give him any license to make outrageous statements. By doing that he is joining the club of Glenn Beck - those who vitiate America's Politics for worse.

What we need from folks like Perkins is to understand limitations of Capitalism, at the least the way it is practiced on Wall Street and in USA, in failing to 'lift all boats'. Why is more and more number of Americans are left behind while most gains are getting concentrated into smaller and smaller set of people? Why does 'trickle down' Economics not work? Does Tom have any answers for that? If not, least he can do is 'shut up'. 

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