Sunday, February 02, 2014

48th Super Bowl

As like millions of Americans, I lived through our national party time - the super bowl night. But the actual match has been very disappointing even though Paul Allen's investment paid off. Anyways, these Microsoft guys are known for the long-game: this is Seattle's first Lombardy Trophy.

The core issue in this one sided match (it was not a complete shutout or exceeding Joe Montena's victory over same Brancos by 55-10 is a saving grace for Peyton Manning) is how did NFL got conferences drawn seemingly wrong. Seems like AFC teams are weak on Defense. Watching this match, clearly San Francisco 49ers felt much better than Branco's.

Anyways Super Bowl Ticket Sale was down, possibly by weather. NFL's possible bias in favor of Peyton Manning did not work out and of course concussion court cases keep lingering. Though Red Chili Hot Pepper half time show and salute to armed forces were all nice and good, the news about prostitution associated with Super Bowl is no good. Clearly, NFL has some work cut out for itself.

Update - There is a valid critical take on Peyton Manning. Is he Sachin Tendulkar of Football - more on numbers than when it critically matters? Seems so.

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