Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Corruption and Sports

There is a controversy still raging about the price tag of Sochi Olympics and associated corruption (hopefully America avoids all these mega events on its soil due to these stratospheric prices). With India and its sporting organization, it is nothing new. IOC might have redeemed Indian Olympic Association and would help erase some humiliation at the end of Sochi Olympics by allowing Indian athletes to march under their national flag, but stink continues to come from other parts of Indian Sports. (Sure, IOC would not like to leave aside tomorrow's growth market of India, after all you are talking a market of more than billion people.)

In India the biggest money and consequently corrupt practices are in Cricket and IPL. As a new judicial committee reports, what most expected is out:

"...now they should look at this and terminate CSK. If you can't, then just do away with anti-corruption and all those rules....

The BCCI don't have gumption. We're dull to the fact that they find a way around stuff like this. It really depends on the court because BCCI don't have it in them to look at itself and call for a change. This is upon themselves — upon their president."

And who is this all powerful president of BCCI? None other than the new all powerful boss of World Cricket - president of ICC in the new dispensation! Globally, since 80% of the money in Cricket comes from Indian Market, ICC just formalized this domination. In a way, we have legitimization of corrupt ways of BCCI formalized at the global level. That is why it is unlikely that BCCI or any other Cricketing Organization on its own will clean this mess in Indian Cricket.

It will be left to Indian Courts to take all these investigations and committee reports to their logical ends and help cleanse the act of Indian Cricket. Legislatively nothing is forthcoming because these Indian politicians themselves are waging a thick battle with each other about corruption (good thing though).

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