Thursday, February 06, 2014

GOP Excuse - Blame Obama

There was some positive news in the air when some news outlets reported that Democrats in Congress may accept the compromise of 'just legalization of illegal immigrants' rather than a 'special path to naturalization' in return to GOP backing such a proposal.

That seems to have washed now and GOP is back to its familiar complain - blame Obama for everything. In this case Speaker Boehner is complaining that GOP does not believe that Obama Administration would faithfully implement laws passed by this Congress. Why so? Because GOP thinks:
- President is embarking upon an imperial rule when he says he wants to govern by Executive fiats; and
- Obama Administration relaxed certain provisions of ObamaCare.

This is laughable because for any non-constitutional act by a President, Congress can go to the court and very easily try to overturn president's executive actions. GOP tried mighty for ObamaCare, that did not fly much. For any other Admin act, they can still go the court. GOP knows that is not happening and then as such 'lawless rule' just becomes a talking point. 

Few speculate that Speaker is joining Paul Ryan because he needs to get the 'debt ceiling' passed from crazies in the House and hence he needs to cover his 'right flank' by ditching Immigration. Others question no matter what, what is the upside for GOP in Immigration Reform? Any such reform has to pass with the help of Democrats and these strategists argue that it means in the end political windfall will be still gained by Democrats reducing GOP again to pay the price. (Of course doing something in national interest, that does not count neither with these strategists nor with GOP. Or alternatively if either ways Dems are going to get credit for standing for Hispanic Community, why not try to share that bounty?) Meanwhile few others are wondering whether President Obama can 'push the envelop' here with his Executive Orders. President Obama is unlikely to undertake any such gimmicks and he would be wise in the case of Immigration. In the end President Obama and Democrats have to win this issue politically - keep forcing GOP pay heavy price in election after election. There, right there is Obama's and Democrats election fight of 2014 - Immigration. What just Speaker Boehner indicated is his party still has not learnt anything here and ready to take another pounding. Job for Democrats - deliver that blow in 2014 to GOP on Immigration Policy.

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