Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two in Row

With Republicans folding like a 'cheap suit' on Debt Ceiling Increase (of course good for America) and ObamaCare showing some life after all; may be this president is for 'two in row' victories. This is rare and for sure it will not reflect quickly in President's miserable approval rating. It will take sustained 'below radar politics' for months to come before the needle moves. 

Keystone pipeline decision will have to wait till mid-term elections. Same with Free Trade Agreements, all that Obama Administration would do is keep both these legislative acts in 'pocket' to pass as and when GOP wins both chambers of Congress in 2014 to survive politically. Meanwhile it is good politics to go out of the comfort zone to shore up your 'own guys' on hustings. May be, just may be; finally this presidency is adjusting to utterly polarized politics of American - in Congress and on Main Street at large. 

Immigration is the potent weapon this President and Democrats have which they can lit at any time when they want to make the 'killing' on GOP politically. Inequality business, it will have to wait till last two years (to be achieved via tax reforms) or it will be a problem for Hillary to fight her election in 2016.

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