Monday, March 31, 2014


In few days we will come to know whether enrollment number crossed 7 million or not. But definitely it upped the earlier low ball estimate of 6 million which even many folks felt harder to achieve considering the botched roll out. In factual terms this is a positive turn for President Obama (not to so bad after a reasonable foreign tour); but one will have to wait to know whether it pays any political dividends to President and Democrats

We will have to wait till early summer for any positive impact on individuals to make way in political circles. Of course, Republicans are not going to be quiet till then and that is when President and Democrats need to vehemently argue that 'because of these incessant obstacles Republicans have created over years' health insurances offered by ObamaCare are denied for many deserving Americans. Such an argument would at least consolidate Dem vote bank where possibly the tide is turning. In the end, Democrats will have to defend this law and continue to make efforts to move the needle on reform of American Health Care System. Republicans still do not have any positive agenda for American's health.

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