Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Russian Theoretician and Other Biggies of Knowledge

Which Russian we would like - of course not the new Czar Putin; but likes of Andrei Linde whose video went viral.

No idea which of these physicists will claim their Nobel Prize soon - Linde, Guth or Kovac or his colleagues who did the experiment in Antarctica. Clearly all these are qualified since validation of Gravitational waves is such an epoch making event in Human Knowledge.

Talking of Human Knowledge, I was impressed by the simplicity and clarity of Leslie Lamport's Paxos approach for distributed computing problems, techniques as a programmer I come across in my profession. He won his Turing Award yesterday. 5th Turing Award of Microsoft Research, no wonder Bill Gates was happy.

And soon will come Fields Medal of Mathematics - rumors are flying high about these surreal brain powers. Will France overtake USA? Or will Princeton retain its edge? Those will be some fun facts to watch as in most cases works of these geneuises is beyond comprehension for common people like me.

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