Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Uphill for Dems?

Does anyone remember blaming Republicans for Government Shutdown just few months back? Does anyone blame GOP for that? Political reality is no one holds GOP accountable for that.

So few months is a long period in Politics. One Dem Loss in early March might not make their case hopeless. But what is true is that ObamaCare is turning into 'politically radio-active' item - when political supporters / creators of the law start to go away one by one, things are not same. That is bad and it is disastrous for America. But who cares for national interests? What matters is Ted Cruz thumping his chest for ObamaCare Repeal

Dems will start going away from Obama Admin. at even faster rate. Clearly at this point, this president is a politically liability with no aptitude for making big on his 'core thesis' - that Government can be harnessed for the good of people when proper Administrative Competence is in place. That is, he needs to win the political argument with Americans at large so that GOP in Congress is forced to work with Obama; that is his own pickle of making for which he has become a president to solve. It is not like Barack Obama is Jerry Brown.

If the current trajectory is continued for next couple of months, despite long term politically favorable winds for Democrats; Dems, especially Obama Dems, are in some serious trouble. What can change that trajectory?

- ObamaCare gets 6 Million Plus enrollments and it finally starts flushing out good and positive stories about individuals benefited by it.
- Economy continues to pick up.
- On Foreign Policy terrain either President Obama gets an opportunity to brandish his testosterone effectively or one of his big ticket 'peace deals' (Iran, Syria, Israel-Palestine and  Sino-Japan dispute) advances decisively. 

Absence of that and Dems are going to have blues come November. Possibly time has come for Democrats and Progressives to shed Obama and start coalesceing around Democratic Leaders who have demonstrated the Administrative Competence to deliver on basic Democratic ethos - government for the larger good of People and that 'it can be done'. 

(Obviously that means Dem Governors like Andrew Cuomo, or NY Mayor De Blasio if he can deliver any of his ultra-left promises and why not even Jerry Brown? Hillary - though she is the presumptive / putative Dem nominee at this point, as John Kerry advances or even fails in his endeavors of high risks, it is easy to portray her as not accomplishment leader. People can easily argue that she did not even try as hard like Kerry. What might work though for her is - if overall Economy does well: vote Democrats to preserve the prosperity; last time her husband brought the prosperity, GOP squandered it. That can be a potent argument, but it is to be seen; otherwise Hillary may not be the leader who Dems can bank on.)

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