Saturday, April 12, 2014

AAP - Lost Chance in 2014?

Reports are surfacing that AAP is admitting that:
- it was essentially 'stupid' to resign from Delhi State Administration and
- the party has attempted to grab more than what it can chew in the Loksabha 2014 election.

With the prospect of possibly drawing blank in Loksabha 2014 or at the most a single digit representation in Loksabha; AAP leaders and supporters are realizing that Mamata Banerjee style 'rage and emotion driven' politics is hardly useful in the long term. Instead of establishing credibility with Indian Voters and demonstrating the resolve to make actual sustained changes in lives of Indians; immature Kejriwal threw the towel early on. What is sad is neither Party's senior members could bring sanity to the decision making nor there is a cohesive leadership structure in place to arrive and execute longer term decisions.

But then these are early days for this party. AAP could take solace from History that even BJP started with only 2 seats despite 7.74% national vote share in Loksabha immediately after the death of Indira Gandhi as well as BSP started with 3 seats even with 4.5% national votes. Over the years both parties grew into the force to reckon with. In all these years I have seen most serious acts of Political Parties in India getting fair chances from Indian Voters over a period. So if not in 2014, but after that AAP would get a chance so long as it sticks to its policy prescriptions of 'transparency, corruption free administration'. Need for such governance at national and state level is not going away. 

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