Monday, April 21, 2014

Cold War in Internet Era

Amid news that Obama Administration is looking past recent troubles with Putin into a future where it would 'contain' possible damages Russia can do or incessant criticism that President Obama does not lead, here are some glimpses of what kind of warfare America can conduct in globally connected world - keep exposing those who want to subvert rule of law and international norms. Revelations that clearly links Ukrainian insurgents to Russian military folks is the exact step in that right direction. The more Obama Administration provides intelligence, concrete electronic / Big Data inputs, more it has a chance to respond effectively to Russian adventures in Global Media. That is the way you win global mind share in today's inter-connected world.

No one is saying that is sufficient. America must get more involved in NATO protection going forward, all which need not occur in public glare. Equally, Ukrainians must understand that their mother land is nowhere going to get protected if they allow detrimental 'looting and corruption' in their country. Corruption in Ukraine has simply brought it to a brink. Unless and until folks and well wishers of that country want to eradicate all pervasive corruption, all their love for their country is of much less value or use; Ukraine will not able be saved as a united country. (Campaign of Arvind Kejriwal in India shows that even in one of the most corrupt polities, one can make good politics by aiming to remove corruption.)

Reality is until West stands united and strong to a bully named Putin, dismemberment of Ukraine seems all too possible. West must use Internet and Big Data to win minds of Global Citizenry to isolate Putin. This must be backed by commitment of West in hard assets and equally strong sanctions as well as full realization by Ukrainian people that in the end 'they themselves only' can save their country. They must ensure fair and transparent elections as early as possible to embark upon corruption free country. Without that, Ukraine is doomed to be a footnote in History.

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