Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reading Democratic Tea Leaves and Partisan Ripples

Here are few thoughts regarding unfolding play-book for Democrats:

- It is universally acknowledged that playing field is adverse for Democrats in 2014 elections. Given that legislatively nothing is going to happen in Congress (it is barely meeting 50 days or so in the remainder of this year), President Obama needs to give up any hopes of attaining anything as far as Immigration goes. Voter turnout is the bigger problem for Democrats come 2014. President Obama, as the Democratic Party Chief, has been lying low on Immigration with the hope that House Republicans in Congress would get necessary political space to achieve something. But with ObamaCare on upswing (Dems must fight it aggressively on the hustings now that positive results are coming in); House Republicans have every incentive not compromise with this President. Otherwise also their incentives have been always aligned to oppose whatever Obama proposes. So there is no realistic possibility of any compromise bill coming out of House on Immigration. Exactly, now is the time for Democrats and President to tune up the volume on Immigration and drive up their voter turnout. President Obama needs to keep doing what he has started. GOP does not want any Immigration Reforms; let us make them pay the 'political price' for such obstructionism. 

- The moonbeam Governor is indeed on something here - successfully finding politically winning solutions for one problem after the other. California Governor Jerry Brown has not shown any interest in Presidential bid 2016 so far. He does not have to do anything there, just keep focused on delivering what he has been up to. Pretty soon Democrats all over the nation will start realizing political value of Jerry Brown in setting the national agenda for 2016. The guy has found the luck (booming NASDAQ) and he is wise enough in exploiting this good luck of California for good purposes. (Even rain Gods smiled at the fag end of the current Winter season and possibly we are talking rain soaked season in 2014-15.)

- The one Democratic Governor I hugely respect and who has delivered so far is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. I even thought he will be the hot ticket after Hillary on the Blue side in 2016. But he has shown no such interest so far (well...that is the trick...). But that is besides the point, or rather all the 'point' - why is he acting so anti-Democrat lately? Adhering to Party orthodoxy is not the goal here, but the issue is he is adopting failed policies of Romney-Ryan Ticket - 'favor the rich and shove the poor'. Indeed Harold Meyerson asks a right question - why is there no Democratic Primary Challenge to Andrew Cuomo? With his policies enacted so far, he seems to be ripe for that. In the end, he and Democratic Agenda can move forward only as much as he is ready to carry the whole party with him. He cannot be a Demcratic leader when there are no followers for him in Democratic Party and when he places misplaced faith in 'being anti-Democrat' is the way to govern. We all know his leadership in gay-rights movement, Democrats need similar leadership from him in the 'bread and butter' economic issues

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