Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bring Back Our Girls

Twenty Female Senators in Congress did a right thing in urging Sec. Kerry to ask UN to declare Boko Haram as the terrorist organization. As some wise Islamic religious leaders have declared, "selling girls on market" is no way of Islam nor of any religion. No cause in human life is worthy enough to endanger our own progeny in 'hellish life'. 

All that one can say is days of Boko Haram should be numbered for this 'excess' and mindless act. What we need President Obama to do is:
- keep providing appropriate military assistance to the Nigerian Government so as all these girls are brought back safely to their parents and
- at some appropriate time point to pull off a 'cool cat act' on this non-human Boko Haram leadership like as when President Obama got OBL killed.

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