Sunday, May 04, 2014

GOP - In Search of an Election Issue?

Now that ObamaCare topped with 8 million enrollment (actual paid subscribers will be less) and Economy kicking into a high gear;  GOP is kind of desperate for an issue. Sure, President Obama's low popularity is still a millstone around Dems neck and his foreign policy is so less inspiring according to his critics[1]; but facts on ground must be indicating GOP that they have to search for another issue to play 'politics' in these Mid-term elections.

What better way than to go after Dem's effective incumbent - Hillary Clinton, especially as Democrats start to align themselves publicly with her? If GOP succeeds, GOP would be thinking Hillary will be finished and conventional wisdom is that with the lack of any other viable Dem candidate, White House will fall in the Red Column. Then there after the party time - with all three branches of American Government under Republican control; Ryan Budget will be passed, rich will have better times, ObamaCare will be dismantled and tooth fairy will make lives of Americans happy. These are the dreams Republicans are having.

Nothing wrong to have dreams - like a person, same for the party. But it is unlikely that GOP's path to glory will go via mucking Benghazi. First it is doubtful there is any culpability to any Administration official. Second, originally Susan Rice was vilified for talking points, but as Public sees that those talking points were backed by intelligence agencies in early hours of that episode, there is no political red meat there. Finally, if Hillary comes through clean from yet another investigation - which she is more likely - there will not be any political cost left for her to pay. Over her career, Clintons and Hillary in particular have acquired the knack of escaping from all these allegations unscathed. Nothing essentially sticks her.

Meanwhile, GOP's focus on yet another irrelevant committee will make Americans's realize how far Republicans are as a party from American's real life. Add to that, disastrous policies of Paul Ryan as articulated in his budget which most Republican House members backed. No wonder Democrats are bringing Ryan Budget in the campaign. They should, it will create a difficult situation for Republicans. Republicans have stalled Immigration as well as substantive tax reforms too (with the thinking that after 2014 midterm elections they will have both chambers of Congress, and then they can present a fait accompli to this president). Just creating ruckus for Benghazi will hardly help Americans nor will it deliver politically to Republicans.

[1] I do not see much merit in criticizing President Obama when he eluded for ones and twos instead of home runs. In top class Test Cricket it is 'hammered into minds' of best batsman that you keep rotating strikes, keep pilling ones and twos and that is how big scores are done. The idea is you do not take risk for four runs and sixes, you do that only when a loose ball comes. Till then being patient and nudging around is the best strategy to keep moving. Such an approach is so well accepted in the Cricketing world, that no one would fault for someone reiterating that. 

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