Friday, May 23, 2014

Talent Management - Jurgen Klinsmann Style

As shock waves of dropping California hero London Donovan from the USA squad to humanity’s greatest show – FIFA Cup – propagate, one tries to grasp the leadership style of Klinsmann.

"No one should think Klinsmann is punting on Brazil. The United States has an incredibly difficult draw, to be sure, but the notion that Klinsmann is conceding games against Ghana, Portugal and Germany is obtuse; Klinsmann is not “rebuilding” at the World Cup. He is too competitive for that."

Contrary to what history we learn, Stars and Strips does not seem to have any choice apart from following this German genius. May be the 'tenure security' is providing Klinsmann all the 'space' to make his moves. 

Well, all that what matters is whether it produces any results. In a month or so we will know. USA Squad is not expected to clear its Group of Death. Compared to those expectations it will be easy to assess - whether Klinsmann game plan is all about future or even for 2014.

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