Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bobby Jindal - A twisted mind

One can understand a political opponent would always try to find faults of a ruler. That is the job of political opposition anyways. But ever since Bobby Jindal gave one rebuttal - that too a failed one - to President Obama's joint address to Congress, he thinks it is his sacred duty to keep criticizing President Obama no matter whether that criticism makes any sense or it is any useful for Americans. Rather than casting himself in the role of President's Political Opponent when nowhere he is politically that adept, despite Obama having never manned a lemonade stand - Bobby Jindal should have focused on his state governance and his competitors in GOP for 2016 Ticket. His approval ratings are poorer than President Obama. "Who can bash President Obama most" - such a political approach can only be effective so long; it is diminishing returns now going forward as Obama Presidency starts winding down.

However, the serious problem is substance of Bobby Jindal's criticism. To start with he waged a war with ObamaCare for years; bashing it all the time without offering any better alternatives. Eventually, like most of the critics of ObamaCare, Bobby Jindal is all wrong. ObamaCare is here to stay and it is making difference in lives of Americans for good. Jindal's ego is too big to undertake any revisions in that department even if in the process few thousand Louisianians would not get adequate medical coverage.

But Jindal's real stupidity is in 'sucking up' to creationism and towing the line of extreme Christian-ism when he claims that Tea Party folks are going to take pitch fork and charge on Washington; all because President Obama is chocking religious freedom! Religious freedom in America allowed Hinud family born Piyush Jindal to convert to Roman Catholicism and here he implies that Obama Administration is creating an environment where such freedoms will not be enjoyed.

Just because Jindal converted to Roman Catholicism does not mean he needs to veer to politics where his arguments essentially sound as 'proselytizing' attempts. One can understand political compulsions in speaking in front of some faith based organization. One can also understand political compulsions in catering to faith based interest groups in Republican Politics. But for that if a politician invents 'suppression' where none exit, it is a jump too far. What a troubled soul Bobby Jindal is! 

But something else might be going on here. Jindal's whole Politics looks like an attempt to cover his original sin - opting for Christian faith for political purposes assuming that the only path in American Politics for a Hindu boy would be to become Christian. It is such a poor judgement about America and America's system which has inspired numerous Democracies all over the world (India included) to keep Religion separate from State and that poor judgement is possibly making Jindal to take an increasingly extreme tone to demonstrate his allegiance to Christian America.

In today's America we have members of Congress who took the oath holding Hindu Scripture Gita instead of Bible. Americans are fine with that. However, in Jindal world, probably he wants all non-Christian Americans to give up their faith and follow his example in converting to Roman Catholicism and further adopt the non-sense of creationism! We all like Pope Francis, but even he would not dare say what 'non-sense' Jindal is spouting. How lowly these politicians can become to curry favors with some interest groups!

Jindal does not articulate a political vision which is inclusive and which would solve our today's problem. He is caught up in his mental game of "to be American means to be Christian" and essentially he is reducing all of his politics to that. (It will be interesting to see how strongman Indian PM Narendra Modi would receive converted Christian like Jindal when Modi himself would address American Congress...). Jindal has been 'cheap intellectually'; complete anti-thesis of most in Indian-American community in USA - the community which essentially earns its living by practicing Science and Engineering, the community which perfectly brings best of Indian tradition of not mixing Religion with State and the community which would abhor the politics of gimmick arguments. In Bobby Jindal's politics; all this great heritage of Indian-American up-bringing is lost completely. Though Jindal was born in this country, one wonders what 'value system' his family environment passed on to him when he displays such despicable political views, attempts to sale politically a fictitious American world view and turns to demagoguery to achieve his political aims. What a twisted mind.

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