Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Let True Brazilian Catharsis Begin

Let me be frank - I wished for Brazilian team to lose and I am delighted that the nation got the exact medicine the doctor ordered. Why?

- To start with, the Brazilian team played extremely poor on two occasions - against a talented team like Chile and then again another solid team Columbia. Against Columbia, the Brazilian team was especially vicious and way too much physical, not worthy of a champion. What all that showed is the current Brazilian team has been more of 'gas' than real talent, real skills and real team. They were simply not there. 

- So to pretend otherwise and to project the aura of invincibility was a way to play on emotions of Brazilian common people. That bubble needed to be burst since Brazilian Football has descended to faking injuries, expressing extravagant emotions on field and in general being more dramatic than warranted on playground. Brazil forgot that people do not watch soccer for Histrionics, but watch soccer for skill, athleticism and sportsmanship.

- As a nation Brazil'a leaders committed the nation to USSR and China model: to proclaim the political superiority, to garner political advantage; deploy sports. When any nation tries to tie the manifest destiny of that nation to successful organization of a global competition and winning that; that nation is essentially trying to take its own people on a ride. We all know when Empires try to entertain and divert their citizens' attention by organizing Gladiator Games, those Empires do not end well. President Lula (my favorite and I still respect for what he did to eradicate Brazilian poverty) displayed hubris when he decided vindication of his achievements was in spending Billions to conduct World Cup and Olympics back to back. He let Brazil to participate in the 'con game' of IOCs and FIFAs of the world who want to spend Billions of tax payer dollars as a tool of political rulers in diverting attention of subjects from the pressing needs and items. That is what has been wrong with Brazil's love affair with Soccer and World Cup extravaganza (thought Brazil did a marvelous job in staging fantastic football through out the competition).

With this humiliation by Germans in Semifinal, hopefully, Brazilians in general will start asking tough questions - why the Soccer Party has been prolonged so long by the rulers, elites and haves of that country? Is it to hide what 'excesses of socialism' inflicting on that country? Why is it that a common Brazilian should look her redemption in bunch of players winning a 90 minutes game and not in actual and concrete improvements in her life?

President Lula had his time, his politics worked then and helped lot of Brazilians in many respects. For President Dilma Rousseff to continue on that path without showing any 'out of box' thinking for changing circumstances was simply ineptitude. (Snubbing an American President for run-of-the-mill-espionage can only take you so far.) We have no idea whether Brazilians would embrace this reality by removing Dilma. But what Brazil can do is to look at life beyond Soccer. And that will be the best legacy of this loss for Brazil

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