Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Political Slug-fest - House Republican Style

What a timing! All six years these Republicans blamed Obama for Economy and now that Economy is showing some strength, of course they are not going to give any credit to Obama. Instead they are on their way for 'impeachment'!

It is hard to believe House GOP's words that they would not 'impeach' Obama. Think when GOP would capture Senate and keep House, which is what is most likely, in November 2014. They will perceive that as wind on their back and will proceed to impeach Obama. Especially, if by then Obama has undertaken executive orders on Immigration.

In some sense, GOP knows that on Immigration, they are in bind as Obama will unleash executive actions. So all this drama of law suite, precursor to impeachment, is GOP's noisy attempt to drown impeding executive actions on Immigration. For Obama, sticking to his plan and not hesitating on Immigration will be a good policy and good politics even though few speculate about negative electoral impacts of such executive actions.

J. Bernstein scoffs any talk of extreme polarization in American Politics. He does not see anything wrong there. I would agree with him in some sense, as scorched earth politics by political opponents is nothing new in contemporary democracies. Next, then he asks what institutional reforms can be done so these things can be changed? Model for me is Indian Elections - even though victor would get 30 to 40% of votes, decisive majority is awarded and that makes a room for the victor, essentially a blank check. Let Tea Party rule America for a while - may be this country needs to experience how myopic - rich favoring, gold standard demanding, zero deficit - policies of Tea Party are. May be unless this country has experienced disaster policies of Republican Party and experienced catastrophic economic down turn due to those policies; we Americans would not come to senses what non-sense GOP is talking. In other words, all this 'checks-and-balances' in American System are not serving America well. It is a slow bleed, no progress, everyone unhappy situation today in America.

And what are the ways by which such a decisive mandate will be awarded to the victor in American system? Essentially adopting contemporary Californian system: 
- independent citizen's committee to draw electoral districts (both at Federal and State level) and

That is one path to whip up something useful out of political slug-fests. Today these slug-fests do not produce anything useful for Americans.

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