Tuesday, July 01, 2014

World Cup - USA Run Ends

Belgium were simply superior Team today. The score could have been 5-1 or 7-1, only because of the goalie Howard it stayed at 2-1.

But USA should be proud of what they have done so far. We keep trying. Remember Mexico has been eliminated 6 consecutive times in the second round; this time not so fairly as well.

Klinsmann, well done and Team USA we LOVE YOU!

Keep rolling over the years. One defeat does not pull us down - we are Americans!

I would not venture into reading winds of History in a tournament of 30+ days or so. But NYT columnist Roger Cohen is up to something. Facebook had Billion Plus interactions about World Cup midway through the tournament. Billions are watching these enthralling games all over the globe. 

If we humans are to change and get the singular, unitary feeling of belonging and togetherness - I doubt anything is coming anywhere near to FIFA World Cup. The cup has been every bit phenomenal and life long to cherish. Pure bliss so far and for sure to come.

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Nikhil said...

Absolutely agree with this. This US team has started playing an attractive brand of football versus the very technical boring brand that we were used to with the US teams of the past. Hopefully, this will lead to more popularity for the sport rather than the olympic-like once every 4 year love affair with the sport.