Monday, November 17, 2014

Trade and Republican Anger

As Japanese Economy slides into recession and German Economy barely avoids a recession, the World Economy would not have got these trade deals at any better time. You got China-USA Hi-Tech Trade deal, followed by a crack opening in the blockade by India at WTO, followed by significant enlargement of China Australia trade. (Meanwhile hopefully President Obama holds his line on Net Neutrality to avoid any kind of robber baron style road blocks in Digital Economy.)

All this means Republican Congress should get its act together and work hard for the Trans Pacific Trade Deal in coming months and quickly facilitate IMF restructuring. The later can come in the Lame Duck session else G20 may go a different route to overcome USA. The world has waited long for the Republican non-sense in these matters and clearly Republican opposition obviously hurts America's national interest by forcing China to embark upon Financial Aid Diplomacy outside of IMF. 

In general, Republicans are likely to get tripped over in their anger to President Obama's Executive actions on Immigration and that rage is likely to hurt America's interests. (That does not mean President Obama should stop his executive actions on Immigration, he is already late and it is bound to be a boost to American Economy.) But I suppose Republican Politics hurting America is nothing new and it is unlikely to stop so long as American voters are simply accepting policy abuse by Republicans as business as usual.

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