Sunday, December 07, 2014

Dissonance of American Politics

Bill Cassidy crushes sitting Democratic Senator from Louisiana by around 15% or so. How does he enjoy his victory? By saying this:

“[ObamaCare] It’s pounding the American people...People are upset about this law, and we must do something about it.”

The contradiction and pathetic state of our politics is all evident here. Republicans are not winning by pointing what needs to be improved either in ObamaCare or in our health care system. They are getting elected by demonizing a working law, by spreading outright ignorance and pledging their political capital to further destruct an improving system rather than constructing something more useful.

Another example - again and again it has been proven that the 'voodoo economics of tax cuts for rich bringing prosperity to all' is a gimmick which does not work. GOP wins Congress in 2014 and what do its bosses plan the first thing to do - start the campaign to force CBO to adopt 'dynamic scoring' (the one which has intellectual foundations provided by one Herman Cain). Sam Brownback destroyed State Finances by giving un-affordable tax cuts without benefiting the State. What do American Voters do? He gets re-elected with a full mandate of possibly further destroying the state of Kansas by his 'voodoo economics'.

We have had 57 months of continuous job growth and in November we get signs that finally income growth could be happening for average Americans too. On this background, considering above pronouncements by GOP politicians, one gets the sense that GOP is all set to wreck incipient American economic recovery. By 2000, Bill Clinton brought prosperity to large number of Americans. GOP promptly destroyed all that economic build up by starting a un-related war and Trillion Dollar Tax Cuts for rich. Only when those Tax Cuts were reversed in 2012 after Obama re-election; did the Federal Deficit took a decisive turn for better. But with GOP intent on resorting back to 'voodoo economics', we are about to see the movie of Bush Republican era again. (Feels like American Politics is nothing but one party repairs the damage while the same culprit comes back again to break it.)

In the remaining two years President Obama will need to wield his veto lot more frequently to fight back all these destructive policies unless saner minds in GOP prevail.

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