Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bangladesh - Intolerant Nation?

USA citizen blogger Avijit Roy was killed during his visit to Dhaka; possibly for his secular and atheist writings.

Bangladesh has been experiencing a paralysis of law and order for long time. It's political system is a mess and it's leaders hardly rise above the fry anytime. Still, in general it is less militant and radicalized compared to Pakistan. It has a strong cultural basis of Bengali language and reasonably left leaning, secular outlook. But many political parties have cultivated radical Islamic views as those suit their political purposes while occasionally such politics spills in taking innocent lives.

We have seen it in Paris and now we see it in Dhaka - secular views are under attack by misguided folks. One would think in the year of 2015 that would not be the case, but the evil and ignorance continue to live in this world. What is needed is political leadership across the spectrum, across countries resisting such suppression of freedom in the name of religion. Probably more important is public at large, society at large, demand from their leaders that they stop sheltering radical religious views harming innocent lives in the process. One way to do that is Bangladesh Society keeps demanding justice for the loss of Avijit's life. 

Bright minds from South Asia migrate all over the world to seek opportunities. These capable individuals scale achievements in areas of their expertise in migrant land and then on many occasions work back home to bring back their insights and experience to the land of origin. That is the process of 'osmosis and exchange of ideas' which would enrich societies back home. Avijit Roy with his wife were engaged precisely in one such endeavor but his life got cut short in between.

Bangladesh as a nation and Bangla as a society owe to the world that Avijit's murders do not go free and they are brought to the justice.

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