Thursday, March 26, 2015

GOP is Governing!

"Don't look now but we are actually governing"

-- Rep. Renee Ellmers (Republican House Member from North Carolina)

One can understand the elated feelings of GOP given all they have achieved in recent years is 'tantrums, endless Obamacare repeal bills and government shutdown'. As 'hell no caucus' folks like Rep. Jim Jordon (Ohio) turns the corner, Speaker Boehner is going to find that it is easier to cut deals

This Medicare fix has been long overdue. In Speaker Boehner's own terms, Congress has kicked the can 17 times. No one at the start of 114th Congress would have thought that 'this' deal would be feasible given the rise of ultra-conservatives in GOP and initial legislative stumbles faced by Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader McConnell. 

It seems early on 'purchase' from Nancy Pelosi essentially created the 'space' for Boehner to plow the course in this case and as the bill became inevitable; it made easier for rest of the Republicans to ride the bus. Senate should adopt this bill. Hold out by Senate Democrats seems out of place here.

No one is expecting this bipartisan co-operation will continue. This bill had been unique, it has unique circumstances while Nancy Pelosi and Democrats had vested interests in getting this passed. But this passage does show that despite shrill noises by Ultra-Conservatives in Republican Party, Boehner is going to get more and more space to cut deals as Obama Term fades. Essentially, American Politics is moving forward as Obama Political Fights become history. Like a clock work, 'political upside in opposing Obama' is a diminishing return now. All these presidential candidates, sure they will continue the staple diet of talking Obama trash; but it will only remain a talk, as accomplishments of Obama Presidency starts cementing in American political edifice. 

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