Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Step Forward in Indian Democracy

Congress Party Leader Rahul Gandhi finally appears and slams Modi Government rightfully for its flamboyance and tendency to carry waters for Big Corporations on the back of 'have nots' of Indian society. This is what any vibrant democracy needs - opposition calling out shortcomings of the ruling party.

For Narendra Modi to celebrate his decisive victory and undertake few victory parades all over the world is all understood. But any excess of that is least useful to common Indians and it was all obivious for someone to point out this excess. That a leader of opposition does all that is good for India. Equally, to ram a land bill where immediate end usage of the land could bring windfall to developers at the cost of original land owners; it all ricks of an unfair play. This all needs to be called out and the job of an opposition party is to precisely do that. 

What happens next? For sure Narendra Modi and BJP are caught exposed here. But Modi himself and the BJP as a Party have their political antennas sufficiently alert. So expect Modi's BJP to make amendments to the (or even drop altogether) Land Acquisition Bill and go away from the 'Gujarat model of being cozy with Corporations and Big Money'. 

'What works in Gujarat is not necessary to work all over India' - that is the hard lesson Modi and BJP are expected to internalize in coming days. Rahul Gandhi's speech in Loksabha is simply an enabler for such learning by Modi and BJP.

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